I would like to take this moment to welcome to my blog.

Throughout this blog I will be discussing mostly, items and topics of WWII interest, but I will also be posting about other topics of interest to myself.

Before I go any further, let me introduce myself;

I am a 27 year old from Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada, and I am a member of  the Atlantic Canadian WWII Living History Association. We are a group of men and women who have a desire to keep the military history of the men and women of Canada during WWII alive.  As the veterans of the Second World War get older and pass on, we are left without the stories and history of what our countrymen did.

I come from a military family. Both my grandfather’s were WWII veterans, and both my father and my brother are current serving Canadian Navy, so I have a HUGE respect for the military.

I look forward to posting here as often as I can, and I hope you all enjoy my posts. Please, feel free to drop me comments or suggestions as to what I should discuss. If there is anything WWII related that is of interest to you, or something happening in Current Events, I will discuss that too.


Thanks! Happy Reading!!!

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