Canadian WWII Dated Razor

As I have mentioned in my introduction post to WordPress, I am the grandchild of two WWII veterans, one saw combat in Europe, while my dad’s father did not see combat as he was in training to go over when the war ended.
Anyway, my grandmother has given me kit bags that belonged to my grandfather who went to Europe.
She told me that she didn’t know what was in the bags, just that since my grandfather returned home from the war, those kit bags had been stored in their attic since WWII ended.

I’ve gone through all the kitbags and while most of the items in the kitbags were webbing or uniform related, there were a few items which are….my prized possessions and I’ll be sharing them here for you all to see.

The very first item I want to share with my followers here…is a Canadian WWII dated Gilette razor and case.


It seems to be in absolutely perfect condition and I doubt that it’s even been used.

This was one of the very last items of my grandfather’s that I received. It’s made me want to shave with it, but I’d definitely want to buy new blades for it but I don’t want to use the razor.

Hope you enjoyed this picture. There’s a lot more items to come.

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